August 17, 2022

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Kisii County Govt blamed for neglecting Co-op sector


By Elijah Nyaanga

The Kisii County Government has been accused of neglecting the Cooperative sector by not allocating resources to facilitate its activities and finance members.
Speaking during the July 2 County’s Ushirika Day celebrations held at the Gusii Coffee Cooperative grounds in Kisii town, Development Committee Chairman, Stephen Ogamba challenged the Government to factor in Cooperatives to strengthen their operations. He blamed MCAs for not supporting Saccos in their Wards.
“MCAs should attend events like this so that they know how much the people they represent are suffering. I challenge them to factor in Saccos in allocation of resources. The County Government has not done much for the Cooperative movement but we hope it will prioritise us ,” said Ogamba.
ECM Sagwe challenged the Cooperative movement leadership to bring together Saccos so as to make it easier to get support from the Government.
Urging the leadership to ensure qualified people manage Cooperatives, Sagwe noted poor management and clannism are killing the institutions.
He noted that the Coffee Taskforce recommends that Sh 350 million should be set aside to revive the Coffee sector which he said he is pursuing to ensure its revival.
County Cooperative Commissioner, Vincent Kenyariri said they will help Saccos hold to account defaulters who are ex-employees of the County Government.