August 17, 2022

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Sacco funds varsity welfare buses



 By Munene Maina

Lack of a reliable transport for Egerton University staff and students had re­mained a problem for years until 2011 when staff members approached Egerton University Sacco for support to buy welfare buses.

The Sacco bought the idea and by 2012 the staff members were able to buy their first bus fully funded by the Society.

“When the bus started operating from the university to Nakuru town we revolutionized the transport especially along the route,” said Charles Abanga, the buses manager.

He said they were able to offer a reliable means of transport to Egerton University community who commute daily to and from the institution to Nakuru town. He said this has helped moderate fares along the route making it convenient for students who were being exploited by matatus.

“We charge subsidized fare to our cus­tomers and also ensure our service is well de­livered to them,” said Chalton Njeru, a mem­ber of the Welfare board.

With the first bus success, they ap­proached the Sacco for funding to buy a second bus. The Sacco accorded them the support. The group now has three buses that are doing very well. As a result earnings have increased. They have also grown their shares with the Sacco therefore getting good divi­dends.

“Besides making communication easier for Egerton University fraternity we have been able to create employment for eight people,” said Abanga.

He gave credit to the Sacco, noting that without its support they could never have ac­complished what they have today. He said the success achieved by the buses has sparked fierce rivalry that public vehicles are fighting them.

“We will never give up. In fact we plan to increase the number to cater for the growing population of the university,” said Abanga.