Trans Nation Sacco members trained on new products


Apr 5, 2017

By Titus Murithi

Embu-based Trans Nation Sacco is in the process of training its members on the Society’s latest products and services, including its digital platforms. This programme is to be carried out by Sacco officials in all the branches of the Society.
Members will be introduced to the Societies new premium shares which have a guaranteed minimum rate of return of 15 per cent per year. Members will also be trained on how to use the Society’s mobile banking platform-a product that will provide convenience and speed for those seeking to access banking services but cannot go to the Sacco’s banking hall.
Trans Nation CEO Luncham Mugambi said it is important for members to be educated on all products and services on offer at the Society because they were after all the owners of the Sacco. He made these remarks while addressing members at the 10th edition of Education to Members, 2016 at Maua stadium. Also in attendance was Bedson Mutegi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Trans Nation Sacco as well as other directors.
He said that officials and staff at Trans Nation Sacco are all geared at offering quality, efficient and effective service to members. The Sacco has also put in place systems that will enhance creativity and innovative delivery so as to respond to the ever changing business climate.
“We strive to attain the highest professional standards possible in all we do as a Sacco. We will also ensure that our members receive timely, efficient and effective service delivery,” said Mugambi.
He added that Trans Nation Sacco is educating members at all its branches to ensure they receive updated information on all products and services available.

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