60 youth co-operatives in pilot fish cages project

BySacco Review

Apr 27, 2018

By Erick Nyayiera

Disinterest in fish farming and other attitudes are to blame for Nyanza residents’ low uptake of the loans and incentives by the National Government targeting fisher folk.
The Government is, however, determined to change this and already has involved 60 youths’ co-opratives in a pilot aquaculture project, according to Joe Robert Okudo, the Principal Secretary for Culture and Arts.
Saying that the culture and economy of the Luo community has, over the years, been influenced by the lake, Okudo said the Government intends to improve the fish trade and production for the benefit of locals.
“The lake is key to transforming Nyanza’s economy; it is, therefore, necessary that we impose seasonal fishing bans which will be
important to allow fish breeding, including the confiscation of unapproved nets, security surveillance and fish quality assurance,” he noted.
“This is a move by the Government to ensure sustainable use of the lake,” said the PS. He was speaking during the familiarization tour of 60 youths’ co-operative societies drawn from Nyanza region to take participate in pilot Government project.
The aquaculture pilot project uses metal cages to rear fish, National Youth Fund chairman Ronnie Osumba said.
He said the fund would provide Sh300 million to support the intiative.
in among other places Rarieda and Bondo sub-counties.

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