Farmers champion formation of Sacco to streamline bee farming

Bee farmers in Embu county are championing for the creation of a Sacco to streamline the production and marketing of honey and products of bee keeping.

Catherine Ruguru Nyagah, the coordinator of the farmers in Embu county, said the formation of

a Sacco to deal with bee farming is now in the final stages and will eventually ensure professionalism in the way the industry is being managed.

“Many bee farmers have been managing their enterprises in an uncoordinated manner hence compromising the high potential profitable sale of honey and other bee products locally and abroad,” she said, adding that the decision to launch campaigns for the formation of a Sacco came up after it emerged that most bee farmers in the County are interested improving the operations of the industry.

She added:  “Embu farmers are interested in having bee farming, honey harvesting, handling and marketing issues streamlined to satisfy local and international standards,” she said, adding that the Sacco will also help members directly connect with wholesale markets.

Nyagah went on to add that the Sacco will offer members platforms to publicize and market their products through shows and exposition.

“The farmers have started lobbying to have a cross section of local and international bee day celebrations held in the county, a feat which will bring the area huge publicity and marketing opportunities,” she proudly stated.

Once operational, the Sacco will organize programmes to promote training and capacity building among members.

The Sacco will also coordinate bulk buying of honey and campaign for establishment of bulking centers at the soon to be established Embu County Industrial Park.

“We shall also organize apitherapy clinics with experienced local and international partners. Through the Sacco we shall provide access to approved bee keeping and management equipment through the support of the ministry of livestock,” she said, adding that if well embraced, bee farming has the potential to create the much needed employment opportunities.

By Robert Nyagah

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