Government to develop new app to link artisans with customers, CS Chelugui says

Cooperatives and MSMEs Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui speaks during the recent Kigumo basket weavers’ expo and fundraiser.

Cooperatives and MSMEs Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui has said that Government will develop various apps to assist artisans market products within and outside the country.

The CS said that through digital marketing, artisans will to attract potential buyers worldwide which will uplift their livelihoods.

The CS spoke during the recent Kigumo basket weavers’ expo and fundraiser, an event organised by nominated Senator Veronica Maina.

He went further to encourage artisans form cooperatives so as to access financial assistance from the Government, saying coffee, dairy and avocado farmers are enjoying immense boost from Government funds.

The recent Kigumo basket weavers’ expo.

“I am pleased to see the products of the weavers from this area. The baskets are of high quality and what is needed is just to market the products online. The government is establishing various marketing apps where the artisans will upload their products to seek local and international buyers,” he said.


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He was accompanied by Gender and Land counterparts, Aisha Jumwa and Alice Wahome respectively and Secretary to the Cabinet Mercy Wanjau.

Others in attendance included Murang’a County Deputy Governor Stephen Munania, Woman Rep Betty Maina, Maragua MP  Mary Wamaua, Nominated MP Sabina Chege and a host of MCAs and other leaders from the public and private sector.

He added, “The Government has various funds aimed at supporting youth and women. I ask the weavers to form a cooperative and apply for financing from the Women Enterprise Fund or from the Uwezo Fund. This support will ensure they produce high-quality products to meet international standards.”

Through other agencies like Kenya Industrial Estates (KIE), the National Youth Opportunities Towards Advancement Project (NYOTA) and the Hustler Fund, the CS said, the Government is keen on promoting Small Micro Enterprises through funding, training and capacity building as part of the Bottom Up Economic Transmission Agenda (BETA).

Leaders enjoy

CS Jumwa said Uwezo Fund is meant to improve the livelihoods of women asking those who engage in weaving to source financial support from the fund.

Lands CS on her part pledged to source funds for completion of two markets in Kigumo namely Kangari and Muthithi.

The event organizer Maina said the money raised during the event will help women access raw materials to weave the baskets.

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