Govt to unveil Co-operative policy


Mar 24, 2017

By Stephen Makabila.

The State Department of Co-operatives has embarked on a new four-year strategic plan aimed at taking the sector to the next level, even as it plans to unveil a new Co-operative policy by next month.
The department has equally focused on major activities that may turn around the sector this year with Principal Secretary, Ali Ismail already rolling out bids for the Department of Co-operative’s Strategic Plan for year 2017-2021.
Ismail has already rolled out invitation for bids, first for Consultancy Services to Design and Implement a Co-operative Management Information System, and the Review of the Cooperative Development Policy. A Senior official in the Department told Sacco-Review the Government wants a new Co-operative policy to be in place by March 31, 2017.
“Advertisement for consultancy has already been placed in the media.

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