How to Curb the Menace Bodaboda Sector through Cooperatives 

By Fred Sitati

Cases of crimes being perpetrated by goons using boda boda riders have lately been on the increase in our major towns in which the victims have either sustained serious injuries, exposed to mental anguish or in extreme cases led to untimely deaths of very innocent persons 

While the new regime has vowed to decisively crack down on these criminal elements in our midst, albeit within the law, I wish to propose measures that, if implemented, could go a long way in restoring order in this very important sector of our economy.

Here below are my thoughts;

I. In line with the Sessional Paper No. 4 of 2020, all transport Saccos should, without undue delays, be transformed into “transport cooperatives” 

To realize this , all transport saccos need to convene Special General Meetings ( SGMs) purposely for “Change of Name” by giving the statutory Notice of 15 clear days’ to their members specifying the Date, Venue, Time and Agenda,

 For instance, “XYZ (Transport) Sacco” should transform to “XYZ Transport Cooperative” (abbreviated as “XYZ Transcoop”).

At the said meetings, members need to also pass the following resolutions;

a. Adopt colours of the crew uniforms;

b. All members/ operators to be issued with Serial Numbers which should be inscribed on their Jackets and motor cycles;

c. All members to be issued with Badges bearing the following particulars..  

– Full names as per ID numbers;

– Cooperative’s Membership Number( where applicable);

 – The Badge to also bear capital “BB” denoting “Bodaboda” as distinct from capital “M” that denotes “Matatu”;

  – KRA PIN Number

– Cellphone number(s)

  – Transport Coop’s/ Referee’s cellphone number(s).

  – Place of Residence;

  – Authorised route(s) 

All riders to subscribe to a Code of Conduct to be developed jointly with the National Transport and Safety Authority ( NTSA)

The traffic police can then randomly demand to verify these particulars as part of their routine duty.

Such strict controls would progressively rid the boda boda transport sector of criminal elements who continue to soil the good name of cooperatives as a whole.

If need be, the affected cooperatives may amend their bylaws to anchor in some of these conditions so as to keep rogue riders at bay. 

It is indeed painful and regrettable that innocent commuters should bear the brunt of this brutality at the hands of these criminal elements masquerading as sacco transport operators!

This callous behaviour should be nipped in the bud sooner than later to restore order in our major urban areas.

The Writer is Consultant in the Co-operative Movement.

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