Kemfri recruits more members after opening common bond


May 26, 2017

By Kiptanui Rutto.

Kemfri Sacco recruited more members after opening its common bond to attract more customers.
Sacco Chairman, Rashid Anam said the Sacco’s membership rose to more than 3,800 at the close of 2016 Financial Year.
“The Sacco plans to ensure there are affordable financial products and services that are ultimately within reach of every Kenyan household. To achieve this, we plan to open a fully functional FOSA branch outside Mombasa,” the chairman said.
“The Sacco changed its by-laws through the common bond to grow its membership beyond Kemfri employees who are the founders of the Sacco,” he observed.
The founding members included employees of Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK), Texas Alarms (K) Limited and Solvit Security Limited among other corporate organizations and groups like Chamas, table bankers and individuals,” he said.
“We also plan to partner with members to start housing projects which will enable the Sacco to acquire an office block to accommodate the Head Office,” he added.

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