August 17, 2022

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Nyambene Arimi Sacco to boost Dairy section

Thananga Impwii, Chairman of Nyambene Arimi Sacco (black coat) and another board member stand in appreciation after being re-elected into office again. Photo/Murithi Kinoti


By Murithi Kinoti.

The Dairy section of the Nyambene Arimi Sacco will soon operate as a separate entity completely free from the Sacco. The move is aimed at boosting the dairy section’s operation.
The Dairy section will have all its assets separated from those of the Sacco within the course of this year, according to Mr. Peter Imuti, the Supervisory Committee chairman. He said the auditor had recommended that the Dairy section and its assets be separated from those of the Sacco.
“We applaud members’ support to our Diary section which has seen milk delivery improve drastically. Now the dairy has really grown and it’s the high time it was separated from the Sacco together with its assets as recommended by the auditor,” said Mr. Imuti
The Dairy section chairman, Mr Charles Michubu said that their dairy was the highest paying dairy in the entire Meru County region as they pay their farmers Sh40 per litre despite collecting only 4,000 litres per day.
He lauded Meru County Government for having helped them with a pasteurizing machine which has seen them be able treat and store milk for long without going bad.
During the event, the Meru County Government was represented by the Deputy Governor, Raphael Muriungi, who is also a member of Nyambene Arimi Sacco.