Pokot Youth Bunge supports education


By Martin Ruto

Pokot Youth Bunge Organisation has made great strides in supporting education in West Pokot County.
The organisation started its programme through piloting two zones in the county which include Kishaunet zone and Chemwochoi zone.
The major aim of the Pokot Youth Bunge Organisation is to supply primary schools with learning and teaching materials which will aid pupils in reading and writing.
The programme officer of the Pokot Youth Bunge Organisation Andrew Wachelon told Education News that so far a total of 210 charts have been supplied to 21 schools in the two zones of Kishaunet and Chemwochoi zones to assist pupils in reading and writing.
He said that a total of 250 manila papers have been supplied to schools in the same zones respectively.
So far the schools which have benefited through Pokot Youth Bunge Educational programme include Nasokol Primary, Nateleng Primary, Nangrotum Primary, Tambalal Primary, Kachepkai Primary, Kaplelachkoror Primary and Totum Primary School in Kishaunet Zone.
In Chemwochoi zone, the schools which have benefited include Kapkoris Primary, Tilak Primary, Ngoleyo Primary, Kaprom Primary, Roponywo Primary, Emboasis among others.
The Pokot Youth Bunge Organization President, Mr. Richard Todosia who is also the president of the National Youth Bunge assured stakeholders that the programme is going on well.

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