Saccos race to attain ISO Certification


Aug 14, 2017

By Our Reporter.

The list of Savings and Credit Co-operative Organizations (Saccos) that are adopting modern business practices so as to meet rising expectations from their members is becoming longer.
The latest player to join this elite club is Ukulima Sacco-which recently attained the ISO 9001: 2008 Certification, completing a journey that began way back in 2015. “The attainment of this certification renews our commitment to members and reaffirms our commitment to the long term vision of this great institution,” said Richard Nyaanga-Chief Executive Officer, Ukulima Sacco Society Limited.
Also joining the ranks of ISO Certified Saccos is Kenya Police Sacco-which is now able to provide for any of its members to apply for a dividend advance-which upon approval- is disbursed in real time through the mobile phone.
It is such ground breaking innovations that has earned the Sacco an ISO Certification, a development that is expected to significantly boost its membership.
Kenya Police Sacco has invested heavily in technology with the aim of improving service delivery and cutting down on operational overheads.
For instance, the society has upgraded its core solutions bringing on board functionalities such as customer relations management (CRM) system, an interactive voice response call centre and a business intelligence model.
“Today, the Sacco boasts of an impressive asset base of Sh17.4 billion and a loan portfolio of Sh13.5 billion. This year alone, the Sacco has far disbursed loans amounting to more than Sh4.3 billion and we hope to achieve the target of Sh 8.7 billion by the end of 2017,” said David Mategwa, Kenya Police Sacco National Chairman.
In the case of Ukulima Sacco, the ISO team worked hard and addressed all the deficiencies to the satisfaction of the certifying body paving way for certification and thus signifying the Society’s compliance to the standard.
“The certification process was tedious and required patience and total commitment. We are very happy that we went through this rigorous process but through endurance, patience and commitment we

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