Saccos urged to adhere to the law

By Agnes Orang’o

A lot of conflicts witnessed in cooperative societies are contributed by failure to follow the rules of cooperatives, says Benedict Ngumbau Chief Officer of Cooperatives in Machakos county.

Ngumbau spoke after visiting Koma Housing cooperative society and commended them for their commitment to ensuring every member benefits.

Chief Officer said that many of the cooperatives are marred with corruption and misappropriation of funds thus the unending fights.

He urged cooperatives to ensure they hold annual meetings and conduct audits every six months adding that most of the management of cooperatives have failed in leadership.

“The members are supposed to be briefed on what is going on to dispel doubts and fights that are being witnessed in some of the societies in the county,” said Ngumbau.

He disclosed that in a bid to boost coffee production, the county government gave out funds to three cooperative societies adding that more support is on the way.

“These cooperative societies include Kambusu, Mukuyuni and Kakuyuni were also given farm inputs, fertilizer, and pesticides because we want to ensure that our coffee farmers produce quality and quantity coffee,” he said.

By Agnes Orang’o

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