How Ksh6M Sacco loan transformed retired KNUT Official’s Life

A loan of Ksh6 million from Imarika Sacco Limited turned around the life of a retired Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) official Mwalimu Rasi, who is now living off the benefits accrued from the investments he made. Several consistent loans and repayments built his creditworthiness to a point he could borrow a huge sum,…

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Sacco Diary

Daniel Masha exits Imarika Sacco Imarika, a progressive Sacco that posts good performance gets new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) after the retirement of Daniel Masha who has been at the helm of the Sacco for the last 29 years (since 1992). He is succeeded now by George Yongo Ngala who was previously his deputy. Yongo…

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