Wajir donkey owners urged to form Sacco


Feb 10, 2017

By Our Reporter
Buoyed by the formation of a donkey
Sacco in Meru, Wajir donkey
owners are under pressure to start
a similar body.
Reuben Wambua, the Deputy Director
of Kenya Network Dissemination of
Agricultural Technologies (KENDAT),
says Meru Governor Peter Munya’s donkey
Micro Finance has helped intergrate
donkeys into the Agri – business sector.
“The political goodwill motivated us
to host the 10th Kenya National Annual
Donkey Day in Meru,’’ he said. Wajir
Town Administrator Isaak Abdi said the
animals play an important role in transporting
water, charcoal and agricultural
to keep the town alive.
He reminded the residents that donkeys
provided an economic livelihood
and that there was need to manage the
donkeys well in order for them to serve
the locals better. He threatened to issue a
notice barring donkey carts from entering
Wajir town if owners don’t form a Sacco.
Abdi had earlier enforced a ban on
donkey carts not entering the town without
a collecting bag to collect their poop.
‘’You will not be allowed in town without
a bag to avoid spread of poop all over the
newly build tarmacked road creating a
nuisance,’ says a notice.
Kenya has about 1.8 million donkeys
of which around three-quarters are used
to transport, goods thus playing a key
role in the country’s Agricultural sector.
Abdi said by registering a Sacco, the
owners will not only improve their trade
but live a better life and be able to sort out
such teething problems like school fees.

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