Youth in Business Asked to Form Saccos for Advancement of Their Activities

BySacco Review

Sep 15, 2021
Kisumu County Director of Co-operatives,trade and enterprise Susan Kanga. Photo Fredrick Odiero

Fredrick Odiero

The Kisumu County Government has called upon youths who are engaged in various enterprises to form Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (Saccos) in order to advance their activities.

The Director of Co-operatives, Trade and Enterprise Susan Kanga said Saccos when formed will ensure youths borrow credit and other facilities from the government.

Addressing youth entrepreneurs during the World Youth Day in Kisumu, Kanga said young people should discard the notion that Saccos belong to the elderly.

Kanga said research has proved that those who join Saccos do better than those who opt to sit on the fence.

She said that many ‘brief case’ Saccos have sprung up and are fleecing members of the public of huge sums of money adding that many have ended up collapsing since they were formed without adequate structures in place.

The official said many such bodies masquerade as Saccos yet they are not as they are started by individuals with no structures at all.

She added that the County Government has set aside Sh100 million for enterprise and urged youths to apply for the funds.

“Youths have an upper hand when it comes to such programmes hence the need for them to apply” she said.

The director of Kenya Female Advisory Organization Easter Okech said women and the disabled should be accorded priority when it comes to such programmes.

Okech said many women, youth and people with disabilities suffer prejudices when it comes to provision of services.

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