Ex-CEO: How I built strong legacy at Boresha Sacco


Retired Boresha Sacco CEO Moses Chebor has revealed that between 1985 to 2020, Sacco’s asset base increased from Ksh15 million to Ksh8 billion.

Chebor said the achievement was enhanced by cooperation between all Sacco members.

During this interview, he revealed the top ten managerial skills they used to push Sacco to greater heights.

He said that Sacco’s membership in 1985 was 1800 and by 2020, it had increased to 110,000.

He highlighted that Sacco built honesty between all stakeholders which enabled them to operate well.

“As a result of trust in the management, members continue to save in the Sacco which builds the cash flow and increases membership,” he noted.

Chebor added that they fulfilled Sacco’s goals and implemented all policies outlined by management and members during their Annual General Meetings.

He also said that efficiency in service delivery to the members also boosted their income, hence attracting new members.

The former CEO said the able leadership of former chairperson the late Nicolus Komen ensured that every program was well planned and implemented and all issues raised by members were well addressed positively.

“Our front service office workers were well organized and ready to serve members who frequently visit our branches to get services,” he said.

Chebor said that through able leadership many members were sure that their money saved was safe and nobody would interfere with it.

He said all members were treated equally as there was no discrimination.

Dividends and interests given to members encouraged them to initiate various personal development projects.

He also indicated that the hard work of Sacco’s employees largely contributed to the development of Sacco.

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He gave an example that as CEO, he would work hard and attend to members’ requests for services.

“Members would call me any time and we would discuss various matters affecting them and solve it peacefully,” said Chebor.

Retired Boresha Sacco CEO Moses Chebor poses for a photo outside his house in London estate, Nakuru County. He served as Boresha SACCO CEO between 1985 to 2020.

The introduction of technology through computerization of the Sacco’s services in 1996 largely contributed to the success of Boresha Sacco.

“Technology enables our Sacco to do away with workload and ease the mass service delivery to all members on time,” said Chebor.

He said that though he has retired as CEO, he is still a member of the Sacco.

By Peter Otuoro

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