Real estate stakeholders seek Govt intervention over delayed issuance of title deeds

Players in the real estate sector have raised alarm over delays in processing of title deeds.

Association of Real Estate Stakeholders Chairman Kinyua Wa Iratu claims the delays have been occasioned by rampant corruption in various land registries infiltrated by cartels.

He noted that some unilateral decisions like changes in land rates and other statutory fees, withdrawal of registers in some land registries and changes in geospatial plans made by the national and county governments are to blame for the crisis.

“The decisions were made without public participation or consultation with relevant stakeholders,” he lamented, adding that the delays have caused significant inconvenience and hardship for individuals and families, hampering their ability to access vital services and secure their property rights.

Kinyua urged the government to swiftly and decisively intervene and address the concern.

“The government should initiate a comprehensive overhaul of the land registries to rid them of criminal cartels who have been exploiting innocent Kenyans and affecting provision of requisite government services. It should also reevaluate and streamline the processes of obtaining title deeds and other crucial documents to eliminate unnecessary red tapes and bureaucratic obstacles,” he said.

The Association’s national coordinator Dominic Thuku said the government must establish transparent systems for tracking the progress of document applications and implement mechanisms for citizens to report delays and irregularities.

He also called for collaboration between the government and relevant stakeholders like civil society organizations, legal experts and community leaders in devising long-term solutions to the problem.

“We call upon government officials to put in place lasting structures that guarantee timely issuance of government documents to all citizens. Together, we can ensure that the public exercise their rights and access essential services without undue delay.” Thuku said.

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