August 17, 2022

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Robbers raid Daima Sacco but fail to break cash safe

Daima Sacco


By James Wakahiu

Robbers who reportedly broke into Daima Sacco in Manyatta town of Embu County and accessed the strong room failed to open a safe containing money, despite using sophisticated tools.
The gang of about six raided the sacco’s premises around 3.30am on Monday February 5, 2018.
Embu North OCPD Mark Wanjala said a watchman claimed he was returning from the toilet when the robbers confronted him and tied up his arms and legs then gagged his mouth.
“They entered the premises from the rear. They broke into the doors and entered the strong room. They used gas cylinder to force open the safe but were not successful. They rummaged the offices looking for money,” he said.
The watchman, 40, informed police that he was unable to trigger the alarm while the second guard of same age said he did not hear anything.
The robbery was discovered in the morning when bank employees arrived and the manager, Elijah Mugo informed the police.
Wanjala said the robbers took with them the CCTV control unit and had also switched off the sacco’s server.
He said investigations had commenced and they were holding the watchman to assist with the probe.
“We are investigating if it was an inside job considering the robbers appeared to know the security configuration of the society well. We also wonder why the second watchman never sensed anything was amiss,” he said.
“No money was lost during the incident but we are taking stock of the damaged property,” he added.