Use mobile banking to avoid Corona: Gusii Mwalimu boss

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Aug 26, 2020
Charles Omwansa, CEO Gusii Mwalimu Sacco.

By Elizabeth Angira 

Teachers have been urged to do mobile banking to avoid Coronavirus pandemic.

This after the  teachers  have been camping at Gusii  Mwalimu  Sacco  Branch waiting  for their  dividends on long cues. 

Speaking in his office, Gusii Mwalimu Sacco Branch, Mr.  Charles Omwanza  stated  that  it has become  a challenge  to handle  such huge  crowd  of teachers  who are  not adhering  to the  government  directives  not   be in gatherings. 

Mr Omwanza  said  that after  addressing  the  teachers  to do mobile  banking  they went as far  as  aired    views on  social media  and threatened  to demonstrate  that  they have denied  not to take their  dividends. 

“I asked teachers to stay at home and do mobile banking instead of coming to  que  ,”said  Omwanza. 

The  CEO  said that  they have taken all  the  measures  outlined  by the  government  to   reduce the  miniminal  serious  services  to serve  them .

He reiterated  that it doesn’t add  up  when the  government has  banned   gatherings, closed  down  open air  markets  and  night  clubs  but the  teachers  are  insisting  to  parade  on long  queues without  adhering  to the  rules. 

He noted  that teachers  have that  notion  to que  while  receiving   their  dividends  instead  of using  mobile  banking .

He pleaded  to the  teachers  for the  safety  of their  lives  and the  public  at large to stay at home   and  carry  out   mobile  banking  transactions  from there. 

The  CBK  Governor  Dr   Patrick Njoroge   had earlier  stated  that  they have reduced  charges  for mobile  banking  besides  increasing  transactions limits. 

He also stated that loading money  to mobile  wallets  had also  been zero rated. 

According  to the  CBK  boss  these are  part  of measures  that  have been  taken to reduce  any adverse  effects  arising from the  pandemic .

The measures are aimed at reducing the need for actual cash  transactions. The Sacco has 34,000 members, at least 12,000 members have received their dividends. 

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