Homa Bay Women Caucus Sacco receives Ksh30M boost from Pepea Capital

Homa Bay Women Caucus Sacco has received a boost of Ksh30 million from Pepea Capital.

The Sacco’s chairlady Jane Akinyi said the money will be directly deposited into the Sacco’s account and will support members in the production of soya beans, sorghum and sunflower flowers.

She noted that the month old Sacco is engaged in women’s economic empowerment initiatives as a way of elevating their status in the society.

“So far, the Sacco has a registered membership of 1, 300,” she proudly stated.

Mary Ascon, one of the Sacco’s officials, thanked the Sacco Patron Internal Security and Administration Principal Secretary Raymond Omollo, for advocating for women’s empowerment through education, skills development and employment.

“We thank the PS for his commitment to empowering us and helping us to claim our space towards economic growth and self-reliance.” She said.

By Amos Kerich

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